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Introduction to the PHP Programming Language

PHP is rapidly becoming one of the most popular website programming languages around. A direct parallel to Microsoft's ASP environment it is both intuitive enough to be an individuals first programming language and powerful enough to develop virtually any website application. It has been our language of choice for over 3 years now and we are happy to offer others the opportunity to learn it. Some basic JavaScript will also be taught in this course.

Duration: 6-7 hours
Cost: £175+VAT
Location: Crawley
What you will learn:

- Fundamentals of client/server website architecture
- Fundamentals of the PHP programming language
- How to build interactive programming code into your websites
- Basic programming skills, loops, conditional code, reading/writing of files
- How to program, validate and verify form input
- How to send emails online from your website

You will need to have experience in developing and uploading websites, including a basic knowledge of html structures.

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Next Course Dates

February 12th - HTML (2-3 hours) - £75+VAT
Learn the basics of designing, publishing and maintaining your own website. Understand what can reasonably be achieved and how to get the most from content-management systems.

February 19th - PHP (full day) - £175+VAT
Introduce yourself to the art of programming using one of the most popular website languages around. Develop your own interactive pages and learn where the best resources are to build your skills.

February 26th - MySQL (full day) - £175+VAT
Understand what a database means, how to design, normalise and implement multi-table projects and how to control your database using PHP.

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Last updated - December 18, 2020